A Spring Resurrection and Folklore in the News


Winter in South Carolina (where I currently reside) is essentially nonexistent. Growing up in realms north of the Mason-Dixon line, and having lived in the coldest capital city in the world, I know winter. This ain't it.

That said, along with the daffodils and tulips creeping up from the earth in my backyard, this website is also beginning to show signs of life again.

We've taken a break since Christmas. Many reasons for that — both personal and strategic.

Posting this to Just let you know the podcast and fun folklore content is coming back. Slowly but surely.

I've discovered a few links to keep you busy in the meantime.

There is a fun website called "Only in Your State" which posts oddities from the 50 states. For example, there's this post on 9 urban legends in the State where I reside. Search your State (or a state you'll be visiting soon!) to see the things which make that location odd, unique, or downright creepy.

While we focus primarily on North American folklore here at Folkloristic, let's be honest - North America gets a sizable chunk of our lore from the British motherland. The BBC published a wonderful article on the folklore of Essex - the origin point of demon-dogs, giant snakes, and the weird but intriguing owl-man. The photo of owl-man alone makes this worth a read through.

Winter breathes its final gasp here in South Carolina.  

Winter breathes its final gasp here in South Carolina.  

While we're still outside of North America (but still within the realm of her Majesty), this Australian craftsman has created furniture inspired by the monsters of Australian folklore. Unique and strange animals live in Australia in real life, making the beasts of Australian lore even more interesting. I want the scaled wardrobe.

Finally - if you plan to see Disney's live-action release of Beauty and the Beast this week, be sure to check out the folkloristic origins of the tale. Spoiler alert: the original is darker and there's no singing candlestick.

More coming soon! May your week be magical.

Bernie Anderson

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